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About us

The “Huns”etho aul.

The project “Huns” is a small trip to the camp of nomads. We have tried to connect our past with the future  and find  a middle ground between this two times,  to  our dear guests!

This is the  yurt (traditional nomad’s home ) with all  contemporary conveniences, this is the foot of the mountain with  contemporary paths, this is the cuisine which related the Kazakh and Eastern traditional dishes of the Great Silk Road with it, these are quick horses and interesting programs.

With regard to the programs:

The Kazakh steppe was rich in customs and traditions, many of which we are reviving in our village. To our dear guests, for you we will show next customs:

  • Besike salu (the first putting the child in аcradle)
  • Tusau kesu(cutting the straps at the first steps of the child)
  • Atka otyrgyzu(dedication of the boy to jigits)
  • Kyz Uzatuu( going-away party for bride)
  • Kudalyk (matchmaking) and many others.

National Kazakh games were differed  by dexterity and skills. The legends were composed about  the ability of a nomad how to stay in the saddle.

We offer to your attention:

  • Audiraspak(arm wrestling on horseback)
  • Tenge alu(raising a purse or baggie with coins on the full course of the horse).
  • Kyz kuu(the ability to catch up and kiss the girl at the full gallop).
  • Kokpar(fight for the carcass of a goat on the horse).
  • Djigitovka(performing stunts onhorseback).

And many other horse and traditional foot games of nomads.


We are very glad to see you at the “Hunns”!

With Best Regards, ethno aul “Hunns”!